Monday, February 11, 2008

Made In China

Just when we thought our January could not get any more exciting, we found out that we officially have a "log in date"! Our adoption paperwork was logged in to China's system on January 11 ... just three days after Britton's birth. After months of paperwork, the log-in date is a huge milestone in the adoption process. We are so excited to be one step closer to our baby girl!

Because of the large number of adoptions, it will still be at least a 3 year wait from our log-in date. The baby girl chosen for us will likely be a year old when we go over to get her. So that puts her at being born sometime in 2010. We are praying for her birth mother even now knowing that one day she will face a very difficult decision. And we pray for that little girl ... that she will be found quickly after her abandonment, and that she will be well cared for before she can join our family! There is a lot more we want to say about this adoption, and we will do so when our life is a little less chaotic.