Monday, June 21, 2010

Six Months!

Six months ago today, Lia Kate's nannies carried her into a room in a government building in southern Ch*na, and placed her in my arms. Our lives were forever changed. That day we met a quiet baby girl, with spiky hair and sad eyes. But fast forward six months and we have a happy, spirited little toddler full of laughter and life. We are so grateful to have been chosen to be this little girl's parents. People often comment on how blessed she is to be adopted, but, really folks, we are the blessed ones here. She is such a joy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lia Katherine, Child of the Covenant

Lia Kate was baptized by her daddy a few weeks ago at our church. It was a precious moment in the life of our family ... made even more special by the fact that she was baptized alongside two little boys also adopted from China and two more recently adopted from Ukraine. Such a picture of the family of God ... these children who came from the ends of the earth ... now with mommies and daddies ... and a bright hope and future ... their lives a beautiful metaphor of God's redeeming love. We are blessed to be a part of Lia Kate's story.

This was the best family picture we got, and by best I mean, at least both kids were looking at the camera. :o)

Britton was remarkably well-behaved when we stood at the front of the church. If you had seen him before the service started, you would know what a feat this was.

When we got home, we changed Lia Kate into the white silk gown that we got in China.

And she was really digging her pink cake!

Lia Kate and her Gigi.

The boys table. Look at those rosy-chipmunked-cheeked Giffen kids.

Lots of family came in town for the weekend. In fact, two of Lia Kate's great-grandparents made the trip, which was quite a treat.

Lia Kate with my grandmother and her great-grandmother. She is both my and Lia Kate's namesake, as we all share the middle name of Ruth.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Pack-Packs

Britton and Lia Kate went to "school" together for the first time today. Our church offers some Mother's Day Out days in the summer and I was really looking forward to some child-free-house-cleaning-errand-running time. Britton loved playing with his church friends and Lia Kate ... well, she was a trooper. We are working on getting her comfortable in that kind of setting. She just started going to the church nursery recently, so this is all new to her. She sure was excited about her new "pack pack", though!

These cute plain backpacks are sold at Hobby Lobby. I had not seen them until a friend monogrammed one as a gift for Lia Kate. I loved it so much I had to make some fun ones for my two. I love these projects and am glad I have two little ones to make things for!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lia Kate and Virginia Grace

Here is a quick video of Lia Kate and Grace waving goodbye to each other after a play date recently. So adorable these two ...

It is amazing how fast these girls are growing up. This was taken a few weeks ago, and both girls look bigger and more "grown up" now than they did then. Time is flying by!